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5 Tips for Surviving ‘The Curse of the Disorganized Boss’

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”
— Peter Drucker

It is safe to believe that most people want to do the best job possible – there is something soul-fulfilling about doing a good job and completing a project right. This sentiment has echoed throughout the ages, from Herodotus to Rousseau and Marks. And while there might be a small percentage of slackers whose only wish is to slide on by, I believe that the vast majority of people want to do a good job. They strive to perform at a high level and want to work as efficiently as possible.

However, as Peter Drucker aptly points out, delivering your output efficiently is useless if what you have been asked to do does not add value, is redundant to other efforts, or simply makes no sense. Being assigned an unnecessary task can be frustrating. But it is only one of the ways you and your office can be affected by “The Curse of The Disorganized Boss”. Continue reading 5 Tips for Surviving ‘The Curse of the Disorganized Boss’