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The Essential Job Description Checklist

We know that the Internet and search engines have revolutionized the way companies conduct candidate searches and recruit new employees. But many firms probably have not updated their job descriptions since Google was just a Stanford grad school project.

Job descriptions that are out-dated, too broad or poorly written or both are bad for the employees as well as the employer.

In our latest ebook, The Essential Guide to Writing World Class Job Descriptions, we expand on these benefits and give you important questions that need to be asked to create the best job descriptions.

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Best Tweets of the Week

Best Tweets of the Week – 02/27

Our February Giveaway is coming to an end, if you haven’t had the opportunity to enter, do so before it’s too late.  Remember, we are giving away two hardcover copies of Judy Robinett’s, How to be a Power Connector. You still have the opportunity to win one them, so click this link to enter today!

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Here are our Best Tweets of the Week:

This week we tackled the popular world of brand ambassadorship. In the last few years, brands have been seeking out the opportunities to work with ambassadors, like bloggers, who are quickly becoming a go to source for brands in search of a larger online presence.

Our giveaway for Judy Robinett’s How to be a Power Consultant, we reminded our followers this week to stop Networking Like Fools!

One of our most popular articles to date, Curse of the Disorganized Boss is still going strong, and thanks to our new GIF, so are our followers.  How do you deal with a disorganized boss, are you prepared?


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3 Great Reasons to Update Your Job Description Now!

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”
— Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Psychologist and Author

Whether you have been in your current job for one, three, five years or longer, what you’re doing now most likely is not what you were originally hired to do. You may not even be aware of when things changed. But slowly, over time, your job morphed into something completely different.job-description-checklist

Most people I meet are oblivious to these minor alterations in their work profile. While I have seen it often enough to realize that it is a normal part of corporate culture (at least here in the U.S.), that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it.

Quite the contrary.
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