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10 Habits of a Successful Boss

10 Traits of a Successful Boss

Traits of a Successful BossWhat makes a great boss or leader?

Do you find that the people you should be leading are put off by you, resentful, or simply choose not to respect you?

What kind of people did you find yourself following throughout your life, what were the qualities that they had, why did you feel so comfortable submitting yourself to these people?  Success in everything requires the ability to look to those that came before you, and learning from their strengths and weaknesses, and being able to apply those qualities to your work.

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Best Tweets of the Week

Best Tweets of the Week – 03/06

From exploring ways to improve your presentation skills, to brand ambassadors, and two giveaway winners, last week was an eventful one for the @Consultantthink team! We pulled together the best tweets of the week to share with you, in case you missed them.  We’re also excited to announce our new giveaway this week, and hope that you will subscribe to stay up to date on all of our latest news.

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brand ambassadors

5 Smart Strategies for Converting Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Many companies are seeing the benefits of working with brand ambassadors, which is creating a lot of opportunities for bloggers to connect with brands, and to benefit from the opportunities that come with working directly with a brand. Unfortunately, these relationships can cost brands a lot of money, and the results may not always be what they hoped or planned for.

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Best Tweets of the Week, Feb 8-15

From giveaways, to advice from the great Steve Jobs, it’s been quite the eventful week on the Think Like A Consultant blog and our social media followers have been responding.  We would love to share with you, our most popular and best tweets of the week.

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Here are our Best Tweets of the Week:

A fantastic article about simple steps to help take control over your life.  Sometimes it’s as easy as just saying ‘No’.

How to Survive ‘The Curse of the Disorganized Boss’ continues to be one of our most popular posts.  Everyone seems to be able to relate to this problem.

Communication, acceptance of change and focus on goals are a few of the positive signs that you have a happy workplace.  Or perhaps, maybe they are guideposts for how you can change things at your company to turn your company into a happy place.

And finally, a little humor.  I was in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Airport over the weekend on my way home from a conference when I had a craving for ice cream. Unfortunately, DFW has five terminals with 70 restaurants!  How was I supposed to know if there was ice cream in terminal C?

Enter my life saver, Yelp!  I don’t know what made me try it, but I did and it came through with flying colors!  Haagen Dazs, here I come!

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Digital Brick Wall

4 Reasons Why People Hide Behind Technology Walls

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards”.

— Aldous Huxley, Author

Advances in technology have enhanced our lives in a number of ways. From MRI machines that can peer inside our bodies to hybrid cars that reduce pollution to smartphones with GPS, cameras and the entire Internet in the palm of our hands, there is hardly an aspect of our lives that has not been improved by technology.

However, as the author of Brave New World points out, there is a down side to the advance of technology. His novel describes an anti-utopian world, 600 years in the future, where all human relationships have been eliminated and humanity is divided into rigid castes to facilitate government control.why people hide behind technology

While I doubt his vision will become reality, there are people who do use technology to create a barrier between themselves and the rest of society. They seem to avoid physical interactions at all costs and insist on communicating primarily via electronic means.

In this article, I’m going to go through some ways to handle a boss or co-worker who has created a “virtual wall”, or if you think you may have, as well as the values of more personal communication and how to stimulate it.

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5 Tips for Surviving ‘The Curse of the Disorganized Boss’

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”
— Peter Drucker

It is safe to believe that most people want to do the best job possible – there is something soul-fulfilling about doing a good job and completing a project right. This sentiment has echoed throughout the ages, from Herodotus to Rousseau and Marks. And while there might be a small percentage of slackers whose only wish is to slide on by, I believe that the vast majority of people want to do a good job. They strive to perform at a high level and want to work as efficiently as possible.

However, as Peter Drucker aptly points out, delivering your output efficiently is useless if what you have been asked to do does not add value, is redundant to other efforts, or simply makes no sense. Being assigned an unnecessary task can be frustrating. But it is only one of the ways you and your office can be affected by “The Curse of The Disorganized Boss”. Continue reading 5 Tips for Surviving ‘The Curse of the Disorganized Boss’