Best Tweets of the Week – 02/27

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Here are our Best Tweets of the Week:

This week we tackled the popular world of brand ambassadorship. In the last few years, brands have been seeking out the opportunities to work with ambassadors, like bloggers, who are quickly becoming a go to source for brands in search of a larger online presence.

thinklikeaconsultant on Twitter

Stop Wasting #Money on The Wrong #Brand Ambassadors!

Our giveaway for Judy Robinett’s How to be a Power Consultant, we reminded our followers this week to stop Networking Like Fools!

thinklikeaconsultant on Twitter

Stop Wasting Time #Networking Like a #Fool, #Win a Copy of #ThePowerConnector

One of our most popular articles to date, Curse of the Disorganized Boss is still going strong, and thanks to our new GIF, so are our followers.  How do you deal with a disorganized boss, are you prepared?

thinklikeaconsultant on Twitter

Are You Cursed With The #Disorganized #Boss?