Best Tweets of the Week – 03/06

From exploring ways to improve your presentation skills, to brand ambassadors, and two giveaway winners, last week was an eventful one for the @Consultantthink team! We pulled together the best tweets of the week to share with you, in case you missed them.  We’re also excited to announce our new giveaway this week, and hope that you will subscribe to stay up to date on all of our latest news.

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5 Rules for Creating Engaging #Presentations #PleaseRT

What are some of the ways that you keep your audience engaged during a presentation? We shared tips from the master of presentations, Dr. Edward Tufte. How to keep your audience engaged and how to improve the information they retain after your presentation is over.

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5 Smart Strategies for Converting Employees Into Brand Ambassadors via @consultantthink

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Why do they hide behind #technology walls? Have you ever wondered?

Do you know someone who is always buried in email?  Someone who never seems to have time for in person meetings?  Why are they hiding?  Read our 4 Reasons Why People Hide Behind Technology Walls

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Focus On Your Personal Values Instead Of Your Incomplete To-Do List

We shared great post from Lifehacker, a favorite site of ours, to avoid getting lost in your to-do list!